Mt. Hood Meadows

Mt. Hood Meadows

Mt. Hood Meadows

Skiing Surrounded by Natural Wonders

Mount Hood Meadows is known for being one of the largest ski resorts in Oregon, with elevations in excess of 7,000 feet.  Skiers are certain to get fantastic panoramic views of the Cascades.  The number of runs available at Mount Hood Meadows is nothing short of spectacular, with over 80 in total.  The Hood River area was recently named a “top 10 ski area,” and Meadows is definitely part of the reason this area has been singled out for great recreation.

Located about 24 miles from Whispering Woods Resort, Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort serves as one of the most exciting and accessible skiing areas in the Pacific Northwest and the State of Oregon.  This is why it consistently draws large and enthusiastic crowds.

As a world-class ski resort, you can expect Mount Hood Meadows to have a little something for everyone.  This, of course, includes skiing and snowboarding lessons for those new to the sport.  With over 80 runs available, there is bound to be a run that meets with your skill level or mood.  Visitors have an option to choose between single day passes, multi-day passes or even ones that are exclusively for the night shift.

Meadows has a special night scene called “Meadows After Dark.”  During the evening, skiing takes on a different ambiance.  About 140 acres of slopes are lit up Wednesday through Sunday nights.

Since the resort is located in the Mount Hood area, visitors can simultaneously hit the slopes while enjoying an ample supply of natural wonders.  Mount Hood Meadows provides a fabulous opportunity for the whole family to get some fresh air in one of America’s most scenic and accessible ski resorts.

For more information, visit the Mt. Hood Meadows website.

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