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Planning a vacation is fun and exciting, but slightly overwhelming, when visiting a new area. We want to help you out and provide you with local information that will help you prepare for your stay at Whispering Woods Resort. In the Mt. Hood Territory, there are SO MANY things to see and do, you want to make sure to do everything you can during your Mt. Hood Vacation. Sorting through the surplus of options may seem daunting, even for those who have lived near Mt. Hood their entire life are constantly finding new local favorites.

Consider this your Mt. Hood Insider’s Guide to help you make the most of your stay, including the search for just the right restaurants, day or overnight trips, shopping adventures, events and attractions. We can show you where to begin your snowy mountain adventure, golf vacation, biking or hiking exploration, and the best eateries around. 

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Need something to eat? Here is a great list of Welches Area RestaurantsThis list includes fantastic dining options in all of the Villages of Mt. Hood, as well as the nearby towns of Government Camp and Sandy.

Looking for local art? Explore the Welches Artisans page for information on local artist who reside in or near the Mt. Hood Territory. We have also put together a Gift Shop guide for the towns surrounding the Welches area. We want you to have a gift that helps you remember all the fun you had at Mt Hood.

There are endless possibilities for Things to See and Do near Whispering Woods Resort. This is an ideal location, providing numerous outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, and winter time fun, and many scenic locations nearby. The resort offers a premiere stay, conveniently located about one hour’s drive east of Portland, as well as within a three hour drive from the coast or central Oregon. The link above provides a starting point of the endless activities many have enjoyed while staying at Whispering Woods Resort.


Welches, is a little town nestled within the foothills of Mt Hood, which is the tallest mountain in Oregon, at 11,239±5 feet. Welches is located along Highway 26 about 45 miles, an hours drive, southeast of Portland. The resort is about 2 miles from the Mount Hood National Forest, which is full of wonderful hikes and hundreds of things to do. The Mt Hood area is in the northern portion of Oregon, within the Cascade Mountain Range. Whispering Woods Resort is located in the perfect spot! It’s about 2.5-3 hours to the coast, 3 hours to Central Oregon, 0.5 hours to skiing, 1-2 hours to wineries, 1 hour to Portland or the Columbia River Gorge, and minutes from restaurants and hiking


Hiker in the local temperate forests

Hiking the local temperate forests
Image by Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington Licensed under CC BY 2.0

The weather in this part of Oregon is challenging to describe and predict; the resort’s elevation is 1,200 feet, allowing for a variety of weather. This portion of Oregon is considered a temperate rain-forest; therefore rain is not unexpected and is usually seen between mid September and mid June. 

Even though the, Oregon Climate Zone Summary- Cascades or Willamette Valley, were written in the early 1990’s it is still sums up the climate of Western Oregon well.

Many describe the weather as “indecisive”. There may be a little of everything in a week or even a day. It’s difficult to predict the weather, we recommend using the forecasts as a guide for your day. We also, recommend bringing a rain coat, just in case, you don’t want to be caught in a shower without one.

In the winter months, it’s not unusual to  receive a few inches of snow, but rain is very typical. The temperature ranges between 25-50 degrees, with occasional temperatures dipping below and rising above. Winter time also brings occasional wind storms and thunderstorms. 

The summer months are usually a moderate 70-90 degrees, with very little precipitation. Fall and spring are the transitioning seasons. Spring is getting warmer, with more sunny days, but rain or cloudy skies are still very likely. Fall can be sunny and warm during the days and cool at night, or it might be rainy and grey.

**Moral of the weather, rain should be expected most months. To help you prepare for your visit, we’ve provided you with the daily forecast, our zip code is 97067. Also, Travel Portland has a nice page about the weather in this part of Oregon. A note, when looking at Portland weather, Welches will be roughly 5-7 degrees cooler. 

Things to Do

Salmon River Hikers, Welches, Oregon

Salmon River Hikers, Near Welches, Oregon
Image by Mt. Hood Territory Licensed under CC BY 2.0

After reading the weather description and dreading the rain, you’re wondering what is there left to do when it’s not sunny? Lots and lots! As the popular quote goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing choices.” This means, here in the rainy western part of Oregon, we do all the same activities in rain or shine, just with the addition or subtraction, of rain boots and rain coats. Not convinced yet? Please visit our Things to See and Do page.




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