Can I climb Mt Hood?

Yes, you can climb Mt. Hood. In fact, Mt. Hood is one of the most climbed glaciated peaks in North America and the second most climbed mountains in the world!

The Mazama’s climbing group have been climbing Mt. Hood for over a century.

Mt. Hood’s shortest and most popular climb to the summit is South Side/Hogsback, a class 2 climb which begins at Timberline’s parking area.

Timberline Mountain Guides, provides various guided tours and climbs of Mt Hood. And Climbing Mt Hood for Beginners has some information to get you started.

There are four climbing approaches:
1. Timberline Approach
2. Cooper Spur Approach
3. Cathedral Ridge Approach (class 3 to 4)
4. Illumination Saddle Approach with maximum angles ranging from ~50⁰ to ~60⁰


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