Whispering Woods II Resales

The Whispering Woods II Owners Association has interval ownership weeks available for sale in the Whispering Woods II project. The fact sheet, below, includes Special Pricing.

NOTE: Whispering Woods II does not have a regular resale program and the prices listed are not necessarily representative of the market.


Buy ANY Ownership Type and Unit Style and receive the following:

  • Regular Use for your Ownership Type (Annual, Odd, Even Years)
  • Access to Vacation Exchange Networks (RCI, II, etc.)
  • Bonus Time
  • Whispering Woods II Owners Association will pay your closing costs.
  • Maintenance Fees are Pre-Paid for 2016 (you do not have to pay).

NOTE: Please see Purchase Details below for further explanation.

Whispering Woods Resort 2 Bedroom Living Room









Interval Type
and Unit Style
SeasonSale Price2016 Maintenance Fees
2 Bedroom, AnnualValue$1,695$629
1 Bedroom, AnnualValue$1,495$512
2 Bedroom, AnnualSummer$1,995$629
1 Bedroom, AnnualSummer$1,795$512
2 Bedroom, Odd,EvenValue$995$314.50
1 Bedroom, Odd, EvenValue$795$256.00
2 Bedroom, Odd, EvenSummer$1,295$314.50
1 Bedroom, Odd, EvenSummer$1,095$256.00











Purchase Details

Unit Size:
– One Bedroom/One Bathroom units are about 540 square feet.
– Two Bedroom/Two Bathroom units are about 920 square feet.

Reservation System: Value Season weeks are calendar weeks 1-23 and 38-52. Summer Season weeks are calendar weeks 24-37. Ownership within these two categories allows you to reserve any of the weeks within that category on a first come, first served basis. Reservation request cards are sent out by October 1 for the second succeeding year. For example, cards sent out October 1, 2016 would allow a reservation for a week in calendar year 2018.

EXCHANGE OPTIONS: Whispering Woods II owners have several exchange options, including RCI (Resort Condominiums International), II (Interval International) and VRI*ety (Vacation Resorts International). For more information visit RCI.com, IntervalWorld.com or VRIetyExchange.com.

Unit Amenities: Full Kitchen with Granite Countertop, Gas Fireplace, Carpet and Tile Flooring, Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher, Microwave, Flat Screen TVs and DVD Players, Free Wi-Fi, Telephones and more.

Usage: To reserve your Use Week, call the Resort Reservations Department Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 503-622-3171. Weeks will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Terms: Cash or Visa

Closing Costs: All closings are handled through a title company with full escrow and title insurance. Closing costs are about $700 will be paid by the Whispering Woods II Owners Association.

For sales information, contact:

Pat Easterbrooks at 503-622-3171 or wwresort @ gmail.com (remove the spaces in the email).

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