Rainbow Trout Farm

Oregon has a long coastline, dotted with wonderful little towns, skiing and, of course, an abundance of natural wonders.  In fact, there are so many natural wonders in the Mount Hood region, that it is truly difficult to see them all… even in several trips. If you like the great outdoors, then you will love what Oregon has to offer.

Of course, with all of this magnificent nature, there is more than a little great fishing to be had.   In fact, Oregon’s numerous pristine waters means that there are plentiful fishing opportunities.  Take, for example, the Rainbow Trout farm.  The Rainbow Trout Farm is a unique destination that is brimming full of delicious fish.  People come from all over the world to fish here, but the fishing is only part of the fun.  This attraction is considered the #1 fishing farm in the Northwest.

At the Rainbow Trout Farm you don’t even have to worry about having your own fishing gear, as poles and tackle can be provided.  Once you’ve caught your very fresh fish, you can even have the staff clean it for you.  

Additionally, the Rainbow Trout Farm has numerous barbecue pits ready for visitors to use.  This, of course, means you can have freshly caught open roasted fish the same day it was caught.  You may have never tasted fish this fresh.

One of the many factors that helps make the Rainbow Trout Farm truly shine is that they have taken care of all of the finer points and details for you.  With 30 acres and 10 different fishing ponds, you know you have fishing options to spare.  Further, the Farm is open every day of the week, and you don’t even need a fishing license.  

This attraction is located just a few miles east of Sandy, Oregon, but this should be only about a 15 minute from most Mount Hood lodging options.  If you haven’t been fishing in awhile, the Rainbow Trout Farm makes for an exceptional opportunity.

For more information, visit the Rainbow Trout Farm website.

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