Mt Hood Hiking

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

If you love hiking and the great outdoors, you will find an endless variety in the Mt Hood area of Oregon.  In fact, every year hikers come from all over the world to enjoy Mt Hood.  This article will explore some of the most popular options for Mt Hood hikers.

Mt Hood is one of the most popular climbed peaks in all of North America. There are hundreds of miles of trails that are perfect for a wide variety of skill levels. Mt Hood hikers will quickly find lush forests, grandiose views and streams and mountain lakes.

One thing that makes this area extremely popular is that you do not need to be terribly experienced.  Another benefit for less experienced Mt Hood hikers is that there is less hiking distance to the top of the mountain than some other mountains in the Pacific Northwest.

Mt Hood Wilderness

The Mt Hood Wilderness area is 47,000 acres.  No cars or other vehicles are allowed in this area. Therefore, the area is peaceful for Mt Hood hikers and Mt Hood climbers who are looking to feel isolated from civilization. You can find short, easy hikes and also long extensive hikes where you will truly be in the middle of the wilderness.

Timberline Trail

The Timberline Trail goes around the whole mountain and is about 40 miles in total.  It is usually free of snow.  This is considered a difficult hike and is best in summer and early fall.  There are amazing panoramic views of Mt Hood as well as other volcanoes like Mt Saint Helens and Mt Rainer.  You can even see Portland from the Timberline trail.  If you begin at Timberline lodge and hike the whole trail, it will take about 4 days for most people.

The Eagle Creek Trail

The Eagle Creek Trail is another popular trek for Mt Hood hikers and is in the Mount Hood National Forest.  It runs by waterfalls and next to cliffs. This hike is fairly easy, but is very steep.

Mount Hood is considered a dormant volcano. In fact, the last time it erupted was 1907.  The odds of the volcano erupting in the next 30 years are considered to be between 3 and 7 percent.  Technically, it is classified as “potentially active.”  This situation certainly doesn’t deter enthusiastic Mt Hood hikers, but it is important to be aware of this fact.

Because this area is about 50 miles east of Portland, many hikers stay in the city.  However, if you truly want to immerse yourself in the outdoors, it is a good idea to look for Mt Hood lodging.  There are a wide variety of options for Mt Hood rentals that will put you right at the doorstep of gorgeous trails and natural scenery.

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