The Mount Hood Railroad

Mt Hood Railroad

Mt Hood Railroad

Have an Amazing Tour with the Mount Hood Railroad

If you have never visited Oregon or the Mount Hood area before, then not only are in you in for a treat, but you are also in for a simply remarkable time. The entire state of Oregon is simply full of natural wonders as well as scenes of great beauty.

Seeing all the great sites in Oregon could take a very long time indeed. Just seeing all the top spots in the Mount Hood area alone is likely more than you will squeeze into your trip! However, there is one way you can see some of the best the region has to offer in a casual and easy way.

The Mount Hood Railroad is simply an Oregon gem. Built between 1906 and1909, the Mount Hood Railroad offers stunning tours of one of America’s most captivating regions. The Railroad runs through the Columbia Gorge and into the Hood River Valley. Both of these areas are simply stunners and provide some of the most abundant and rich natural scenery in the United States.

While the Mount Hood Railroad is only 60 miles from Portland, Oregon, you are likely to feel as though you are hundreds of miles from civilization. The wild and untamed nature of the Columbia Gorge and Hood River Valley serve to make your ride a striking and unforgettable one.

There is no doubt that a ride on the Mount Hood Railroad is one of those visceral experiences that radiates with one for years to come. This is one reason this experience is such a great option for families. Your children will remember their ride for years to come, if not for the rest of their lives. In fact, there is even a Dome Car that serves to make the experience all the more vivid and vibrant through a unique skylight view.

MT Hood Railroad

MT Hood Railroad

There are also other entertainment options, such as a brunch or dinner onboard. Also throughout the year, there are special events with themes like murder mystery dinner trains and western train “robberies.” During the Winter season, there is a special Polar Express train ride where the train takes kids to the North Pole to meet Santa.

The Mount Hood Railroad marks a phenomenal opportunity to take a tour of the Mount Hood area that is unlike any other available. Further, as it is likely near your Mount Hood lodging, your trip from your hotel or lodge is likely to be a short one. This is one great way to make some amazing memories when you visit the Mount Hood region.

For more information, visit the Mount Hood Railroad Website.

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