The Mount Hood Railroad

Mount Hood Railroad, train, Mt Hood, Hood River, local day trips

Mount Hood Railroad

The Mount Hood Railroad is an Oregon gem. It was built between 1906 and 1909, and offers stunning tours of one of America’s most captivating regions. The Railroad runs through the Columbia Gorge and into the the orchards and vineyards of the Hood River Valley. There are also views of Mt Hood, Mt Adams, and surrounding mountains. Both of these areas are stunning and provide rich natural scenery. If you have never visited Oregon or the Mount Hood area this is a highly recommended day trip.

While the Mount Hood Railroad is only 55 miles from Whispering Woods Resort, you may feel as though you are hundreds of miles from the resort. The wild and untamed nature of the Columbia Gorge and Hood River Valley serve to make your ride an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for years to come. The Mount Hood Railroad even has a Dome Car that serves to make the experience even more vivid and vibrant, through the unique skylight view.

Mount Hood Railroad, train, mt hood, orchards, hood river

Mount Hood Railroad

There are also other entertainment options, such as a brunch or dinner on board. Also, throughout the year there are special events with themes like murder mystery dinner trains and western train “robberies.” During the winter season, there is a special Polar Express train ride where the train takes kids to the North Pole to meet Santa. Please note that their Odell Excursions run from early May, through late October, and the Polar Express Train Ride runs from mid November through the end of December. You can even purchase tickets online to save time and reserve your beautiful train excursion in advance!

For more information, visit the Mount Hood Railroad Website or call 1-800-872-4661.

The station location:
 Mount Hood Railroad
110 Railroad Avenue – Hood River, Oregon 97031

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