Property Tax Information

Because many of our owners call and request the property tax amount attributable to their individual ownership segment(s), we are posting the 2016-2017 amounts here for your reference. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please consult with your tax professional regarding the use of this information.

Whispering Woods I
Unit TypeUnit #Co-5Co-10Co-20Co-40
2 Bedroom Loft402-452$475.44238.22119.1159.55
2 Bedroom Std.457-461$427.86$213.93$106.97$53.48
2 Bedroom Dlx.464-469$449.85$224.93$112.46$56.23
Whispering Woods II
Unit TypeBuildingAnnualAlternate  
1 BedroomA$21.67$10.83  
2 BedroomA$26.48$13.24  



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