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There are many wonderful Welches Artisans found throughout the community, unfortunately the town does not have one main gift store where one can find their pieces, due to this issue we created a Gift Shop guide for the Welches area, if you prefer to browse the unique shops in the area. Although, the Welches Artisans may not have their works in the gift shops, but located across the businesses, such as the library, different rental agencies, and assorted restaurants. This makes it more challenging to find and contact the artist. This page is to help bring the Welches Artisans to one location; to make it easier to find the wonderful goodies these artists have to offer.

Provided below is a list of resources, as well as a description of the Welches Artisans, forms of communication, pictures of their work, and locations around town their art is displayed. 



Mt Hood Artisans: Virtual Gallery– The e-gallery shows work from many artists who live in the Villages of Mt Hood, at least part time. Many have a wide range of skills, including, photography, water colors, or jewelry, to name a few. A few of these artists are also found below. 

Wyeast Artisan Guild-This non-profit, currently has 32 members. Wyeast Artisan Guild enjoys bringing an interest and appreciation for the arts and crafts to the Mt Hood Corridor; through interaction between neighborhoods, business and artists, and sponsoring art exhibits and networking events. 

Cascade Center For Arts & Crafts One of the many regional art centers found throughout Oregon. This center teaches traditional crafts that were used during the Works Progress Administration (WPA) era, which are found throughout Timberline Lodge; as well as modern classes and workshops. The facility has kilns, multi-use studios, as well as a blacksmith’s shop. The center is located in the town of Government Camp. The facility was once the historic Summit Ranger Station, which is along the Barlow Trail near Still Creek and Camp Creek. 

Spiral Art Gallery: An Artists Cooperative-This art gallery is home to roughly 30 artists of Estacada, Oregon. They offer fun classes Wednesday evenings, such as water coloring, holiday cards, and jewelry making. Join them on “1st Friday” of the month, where they showcase new Featured Artists or Featured Group Shows. You may also visit the gallery throughout the week. Please visit their website for more information.



Paintings, Pastels, Sketches, Drawings

Courtesy of Steve Ludeman-Watercolor. Titled “First Run”. Painting includes Mt Hood and Timberline Lodge.

Steven Ludeman– Watercolor, mixed media, pencil and pen drawings
Biography: After college and serving in the Vietnam War, Steve had the privilege to live, work, and paint in Switzerland, Germany, and Australia. In 1985, he moved to Oregon where he worked for Bonneville Power Administration. He is a retired ski instructor and a volunteer with US Forest Service Wilderness Stewardship Program. 
Inspiration: Steve is inspired by the natural beauty and rich history of the Pacific Northwest. “Everywhere I go, I visualize the landscape as a painting. It is exciting to create my interpretation into a beautiful piece of art. I am especially drawn to the Mt Hood, Oregon area. It’s ever-changing beauty provides a rich environment for me to paint.” He is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Wy’East Artisans Guild. 
Locations: Steve’s water colors  can be seen at the 1) Mount Hood Cultural Center and Museum, Government Camp 2) Glacier Haus Bistro, Government Camp 3) Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, The Dalles 4) Still Creek Inn, Rhododendron 5) Seasonally found in Rendezvous Dining Room, Welches
Contact: Steve can be reached via phone: 503-622-5632 or email: steve.ludeman@yahoo.com
View & Purchase: Please visit Steve’s website to view his art, also please contact him in regards to purchasing a piece www.steveludemanart.com/ 


katherine madnish art

Katherine Mandish Art- Sketches, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, & oil paintings.

Katherine Mandish Art – Paintings, Pastels & Sketches
Biography:  Katherine currently lives in Welches and considers herself a fresh new face in the art business. Though she is new to the business, she has been an artist since she was able to hold a pencil. At a young age she learned to use charcoal and oil pastels. When she was 10 she began painting with acrylics and recently started with oils. She’s been told her style is unique and beautiful, while using texture and blending colors that are pleasing to the eye.
Katherine mainly creates paintings and pieces using oil pastels. She also sketches and draws with the use of pencil or charcoal. Her drawings are done on paper and come framed. Her medium for painting, includes oils and acrylics. She has a variety of focuses which include abstract work, realism, and still life. Her painting are done on canvases. Katherine also, enjoys doing custom orders.
Inspiration: Katherine is inspired especially by the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but also by places all over the world! She specializes in landscapes and the natural beauty of life, while holding an interesting and creative technique throughout her work.  
Contact: By phone: 503-739-0421. You are also able to view her work at facebook.com/KMandishArt 


Stephanie Johanesen-Anthropomorphic animals. Three mice examples and monsters having tea.

Stephanie Johanesen-Anthropomorphic Animals
Description: Anthropomorphic means having human qualities. Stephanie draws animals wearing historic costumes, while in human settings or monsters also in human settings. These examples can be seen in the pictures to the left. 
Contact: Via Facebook 






John & Carrie Trax– Digital Photography
Biography: John and his wife Carrie are both photographers. John moved to Oregon in 2005. They both love to travel the Pacific Northwest, capturing the beauty through their lenses. John’s images have been used for book covers, published in newspapers, and used on numerous websites and blogs, including Food Network and the Wall Street Journal. John’s fine art work is available in several Oregon shops and galleries, as well as online. Seasonally John’s photographs can be found in The Rendezvous Grill, Welches. 
Purchases & Pictures: Www.zigzagmtart.com
Contact: phone 503-622-1495. They can be contacted through their website as well. 

Metal workings

Jason Jon Johnston-Metal Sculptures. 
Biography: Jason sculpts bronze into creative sculptures. He is a Welches native…since 1994. He loves to share his work with as many viewers as possible. Many of his pieces contain human elements, such as in the form of a skier, a mythological creature, St Paul, or a child and his pup. Jason often customizes patina colors and does all of his own molds, wax, and bronze work through to the patina.
Contact: email: j319j@aol.com or phone: 419-350-0491
View:  website: www.johnstonsculpture.com   facebook: www.facebook.com/JohnstonSculpture   & Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/johnstonsculpture


Woven Baskets & Decor

Courtesy of Triana Hahn-woven items using cedar or willow bark.

Courtesy of Triana Hahn-woven items using cedar or willow bark.

Triana Hahn-Rustic Basketry
Biography & Inspiration: Triana uses cedar and willow bark to weave baskets and other items. She uses only what she finds in nature, such as bark, vines, branches, roots and even kelp. She grew up on Cedar Creek which flowed under big cedar trees. She is in love with all things rustic and natural.
Contact: trianahahn@yahoo.com 





Lora Ballou– Farm inspired photography and decor items
Biography: Lora is an Etsy shop owner of Junk Barn Boutique, which consists of photographs, decor,

Courtesy of Lora Ballou- Barn wood sign "Love"

Courtesy of Lora Ballou- Barn wood sign “Love”

and barn wood signs. Some of her decor pieces includes lariat rope vases, shelves, tables, and Christmas decorations. The wood used in her signs and shelving is over 50 years old and the materials used came right from their family farm. 
Contact: The best way to contact Lora is through her Etsy shop (messages). The link is found below. Cell number: 503-260-6091.
Purchases & Pictures: Junk Barn Boutique


Jewelry & Clothing

Clover Clausen– Nature inspired jewelry & art
Biography & Inspiration: Clover has always loved nature, exploring the forests, streams, rivers, and lakes. She also loves capturing its beauty. This can be seen through all of the various forms of jewelry and art she creates. Clover moved to the Welches area 3 years ago and found the move has really inspired her artistically. View her beautiful jewelry on her Facebook page.
Contact & View: Facebook: www.facebook.com/ofcastlesandclovers/.  
E-mail: cloverclausen@gmail.com.

Barbara Holmes– Batik Children’s Clothes
Biography: Barbara hand creates Batik clothing for children, thus creating a unique design. The process of creating batik clothes includes adding wax, in a specific design, then dying the cloth. This process can be applied multiple times. Once the color has set the wax is removed, leaving a white  design and colored clothing item. Barabara uses soy wax, procion dyes, and cotton clothing items. She makes cute clothes for newborns, 6 month & 12 month onesies, toddler T’s and long sleeve shirts as well as girls fair trade dresses.
Location: Barbara is a regular at the Portland Saturday Market. She is there most Saturdays and Sundays March-Christmas Eve.
Contact: Via her Etsy account www.owlhousebatik.etsy.com   phone: 503-701-2375  or email: owlhousebatik@yahoo.com
View: Pictures are found on her Facebook https://m.facebook.com/owlhousebatik

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