Summer Fun in the Mt. Hood Territory

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Mt. Hood Reflected in Mirror Lake

Mt. Hood as viewed from Mirror Lake, a very popular hike.

There’s still plenty of summer left here on the Mountain.  Just because the calendar reads the end of July and the kids go back to school the end of August doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a great getaway at the “nearby, far away vacation place.”

Play all day at The Adventure Park at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, pull out those hiking boots and decide which trails you’d like to take on (based on degree of difficulty) at, check the tires on your mountain bike and see what challenges you’d like to undertake Ride Oregon website or simply pack a few things and head to Whispering Woods Resort for a bit of relaxing by the pool. Remember as the late Robin Williams said in Dead Poets Society:  “CARPE DIEM!”

Whispering Woods Resort is famous for its friendly, comfortable atmosphere and ability to provide luxury accommodations for a day, weekend or week-long stay.  Whatever your schedule permits, pack up the kids and “hit the high road to adventure and romance” right in your own backyard.

Check out our Manager’s Specials or follow us on Facebook to keep abreast of some of the wonderful things available to you…about an hour from home!

Clackamas County Rebuilding the Arrah Wanna Bridge near Whispering Woods Resort

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Beginning in April 2012, a Clackamas County-funded project to replace the Arrah Wanna Bridge is scheduled to begin. The current, one lane bridge was built in 1910 and move to its current location in 1957. According to the County, replacement is being undertaken due to deficiencies of a structural and functional nature.

If you are staying at Whispering Woods Resort from April 2012 through the end of October, 2013, it is unlikely you will even be aware of this project. Most Mt. Hood lodging and rental guests never venture far enough south on Arrah Wanna Boulevard to even see the bridge.

Just be aware, if you DO travel south on Arrah Wanna Boulevard to the bridge, you may encounter construction delays of up to 20 minutes. Extended delays of up to 60 minutes are only supposed to occur twice during the entire project.

For those who are interested, you can find more details at Just look for “Road & Bridge Projects” near the top of the navigation in the left column.

Source: Clackamas County notice to Residents and Property Owners in the Arrah Wanna Bridge Area, March 13, 2012


As of May 7, 2012, this project has been delayed until the spring of 2013.  The delay is due to a mistake made during the bidding process.  Per Clackamas County, the current bridge is safe up to the posted weight restrictions.  For more details, visit the Clackamas County Department of Transporation and Development website at:

A Glorious Mt. Hood Day at Whispering Woods Resort

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Glorious Mt. Hood Day at Whispering Woods Resort

View from a 1 BR Back Deck at Whispering Woods Resort

Today is one of those glorious Mt. Hood days at Whispering Woods Resort that cannot go unnoticed.

The ground is covered with a bit of late winter snow. The clouds are breaking up and blue sky enlivens a beautiful pallet of winter colors. And the sun, yes the SUN! is smiling down on those who venture outside, casting its warm net on all who long to be captured.

Take a deep breath! Now exhale. Didn’t that feel refreshing?!

That’s what makes winter in the Mt. Hood Territory so special. You never know what you may encounter, from a lively family of deer to a rushing river, a sunlit hillside or a gorgeous, natural portrait ablaze with color right outside your back door.

A friend of mine just called me after returning from 7 days on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Poor guy, I really don’t know why he left.

OK, maybe that’s not true. But, I’m glad today turned out the way it did and that I was able to spend some time outside my office enjoying it. I couldn’t be happier than staring down the snow-covered 9th fairway right behind Whispering Woods Resort.

If you haven’t been up to see us in a while or you never have (for shame), you really should come visit! Our fully furnished condos offer something special among so many Mt. Hood lodging options.

We would love to be your host!

Whispering Woods Pool and Hot Tub Renovation is On Schedule

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Whispering Woods Resort Clubhouse Pool Renovation

Our Pool Renovation is Hiding Under a Greenhouse

We are 3 days into the pool and hot tub renovation process and things are progressing on schedule. It won’t be long before we are “in hot water” again!

Step one for the contractor was to build a greenhouse over the swimming pool so work could continue rain or shine (see photo). So far, it has been mostly rain, but “inside” the greenhouse it is dry and the workers are active.

Yesterday was the final “demolition” day when old coping brick and waterline tile were removed. Today, work is progressing on the installation of new coping brick and tile. It’s a pretty messy process, but it is exciting to see progress. The brick and tile should be done by Monday when the plastering phase will begin.

After the plastering is finished, it will take a couple of days to fill the pool (only a few hours for the hot tub) and a several more days to heat and balance the water. In the mean time our guests have been enjoying their use of the indoor pool and hot tub at the Mt. Hood Village less than 3 miles away.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Whispering Woods Resort Gets “New” Pool and Hot Tub

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Whispering Woods Resort Swimming Pool

Whispering Woods Resort Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Renovation

On February 20, 2012, Anderson Poolworks of Wilsonville, Oregon, began renovating the Whispering Woods Resort swimming pool and hot tub. The entire project includes new plaster, coping brick and waterline tile, giving both the pool and hot tub a brand “new” look.  This will be the second renovation since our pool and hot tub were built in 1994.

Pool and hot tub renovation is an important ingredient in maintaining a high quality swimming environment for our guests. Over time, the white plaster coating either breaks down or discolors due to the interaction of sanitizing and water balancing chemicals, the natural chemistry of water and swimmers. Consequently, the plaster must be replaced every few years.

How Long Will The Pool and Hot Tub Be Closed?

Because we are doing a complete renovation, including plaster, coping brick and waterline tile, we expect to reopen in about 2 weeks on March 2, 2012. If we encounter unforeseen or unpredictable issues, like a major snow storm, the completion date may vary.

The entire process includes draining and refilling time, both of which can take up to 2 days. Add to that the actual renovation work plus heating the fresh water and balancing water chemistry, and 2 weeks gets used up pretty quickly.

Come See Our Beautiful “New” Pool and Hot Tub.

The next time you are in our area, provided it is after March 2, 2012, stop by and take a look at the newly renovated swimming pool and hot tub. If you need a little get-away, give our Reservations department a call at 503-622-3171, or visit the reservations page on this site.

Even if you are not a Whispering Woods Resort owner, we have great Mt. Hood lodging options. If you are planning an Oregon family reunion, the Mt. Hood Territory is a great place to bring your family together.

The Water is Great All Year Long!

By the way, our swimming pool and hot tub are open all year long and, yes, the pool is heated. Come relax and have some fun. Whispering Woods Resort is “the nearby, far-away vacation place” only an hour from downtown Portland, Oregon.

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