Whispering Woods Resort Gets “New” Pool and Hot Tub

February 21, 2012 by  

Whispering Woods Resort Swimming Pool

Whispering Woods Resort Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Renovation

On February 20, 2012, Anderson Poolworks of Wilsonville, Oregon, began renovating the Whispering Woods Resort swimming pool and hot tub. The entire project includes new plaster, coping brick and waterline tile, giving both the pool and hot tub a brand “new” look.  This will be the second renovation since our pool and hot tub were built in 1994.

Pool and hot tub renovation is an important ingredient in maintaining a high quality swimming environment for our guests. Over time, the white plaster coating either breaks down or discolors due to the interaction of sanitizing and water balancing chemicals, the natural chemistry of water and swimmers. Consequently, the plaster must be replaced every few years.

How Long Will The Pool and Hot Tub Be Closed?

Because we are doing a complete renovation, including plaster, coping brick and waterline tile, we expect to reopen in about 2 weeks on March 2, 2012. If we encounter unforeseen or unpredictable issues, like a major snow storm, the completion date may vary.

The entire process includes draining and refilling time, both of which can take up to 2 days. Add to that the actual renovation work plus heating the fresh water and balancing water chemistry, and 2 weeks gets used up pretty quickly.

Come See Our Beautiful “New” Pool and Hot Tub.

The next time you are in our area, provided it is after March 2, 2012, stop by and take a look at the newly renovated swimming pool and hot tub. If you need a little get-away, give our Reservations department a call at 503-622-3171, or visit the reservations page on this site.

Even if you are not a Whispering Woods Resort owner, we have great Mt. Hood lodging options. If you are planning an Oregon family reunion, the Mt. Hood Territory is a great place to bring your family together.

The Water is Great All Year Long!

By the way, our swimming pool and hot tub are open all year long and, yes, the pool is heated. Come relax and have some fun. Whispering Woods Resort is “the nearby, far-away vacation place” only an hour from downtown Portland, Oregon.

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