Whispering Woods Pool and Hot Tub Renovation is On Schedule

February 23, 2012 by  

Whispering Woods Resort Clubhouse Pool Renovation

Our Pool Renovation is Hiding Under a Greenhouse

We are 3 days into the pool and hot tub renovation process and things are progressing on schedule. It won’t be long before we are “in hot water” again!

Step one for the contractor was to build a greenhouse over the swimming pool so work could continue rain or shine (see photo). So far, it has been mostly rain, but “inside” the greenhouse it is dry and the workers are active.

Yesterday was the final “demolition” day when old coping brick and waterline tile were removed. Today, work is progressing on the installation of new coping brick and tile. It’s a pretty messy process, but it is exciting to see progress. The brick and tile should be done by Monday when the plastering phase will begin.

After the plastering is finished, it will take a couple of days to fill the pool (only a few hours for the hot tub) and a several more days to heat and balance the water. In the mean time our guests have been enjoying their use of the indoor pool and hot tub at the Mt. Hood Village less than 3 miles away.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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