A Glorious Mt. Hood Day at Whispering Woods Resort

February 27, 2012 by  

Glorious Mt. Hood Day at Whispering Woods Resort

View from a 1 BR Back Deck at Whispering Woods Resort

Today is one of those glorious Mt. Hood days at Whispering Woods Resort that cannot go unnoticed.

The ground is covered with a bit of late winter snow. The clouds are breaking up and blue sky enlivens a beautiful pallet of winter colors. And the sun, yes the SUN! is smiling down on those who venture outside, casting its warm net on all who long to be captured.

Take a deep breath! Now exhale. Didn’t that feel refreshing?!

That’s what makes winter in the Mt. Hood Territory so special. You never know what you may encounter, from a lively family of deer to a rushing river, a sunlit hillside or a gorgeous, natural portrait ablaze with color right outside your back door.

A friend of mine just called me after returning from 7 days on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Poor guy, I really don’t know why he left.

OK, maybe that’s not true. But, I’m glad today turned out the way it did and that I was able to spend some time outside my office enjoying it. I couldn’t be happier than staring down the snow-covered 9th fairway right behind Whispering Woods Resort.

If you haven’t been up to see us in a while or you never have (for shame), you really should come visit! Our fully furnished condos offer something special among so many Mt. Hood lodging options.

We would love to be your host!

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