Where is the best place to bird watch? [in the Mt. Hood area]

There are many places around Mt Hood to search and listen to birds. Oregon Birding Trails is a great document with 30 areas between Welches, Estacada, Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge.

Below are the more popular bird watching areas around Mt. Hood:

Wildwood Recreation Area– The closest to Whispering Woods Resort is home to several species of waterfowl.

High Rock Springs Campground–Expect to drive on forest service roads to get to this no-fee campground where you will spot Black-backed & Three-toed Woodpeckers, Sapsuckers, and possibly, the elusive Spotted Owl.

Timberline Lodge Looking out the windows of the lodge or just standing in the parking lot, you will be visited by Chickadees, Larks, Finches, Sparrows and Bluebirds.

Timothy Lake – Expect to see Buffleheads, Loons, ducks, grebes, thrushes and gulls.

Trillium Lake – You may get lucky and spot a Bald Eagle or two while walking on the boardwalks around Trillium Lake.

Sahalie Falls– Warblersand Sparrows hang around in the meadows while Thrushes, Jays, Wrens, and Kinglets keep to the forest.


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