How far away is it and how long does it take to get to:

The below destinations are estimates leaving from Whispering Woods Resort. Keep in mind traffic and weather for the drive times. The below times are based on normal conditions. 

Portland Airport is 42.2 miles away and it takes 1 hour to get there.

Mt. Hood Meadows is 24.2 miles and is a 35 minute drive.

Timberline Lodge is 19.3 miles away and is a 25 minute drive.

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl is 12.3 miles away and is 15 minute drive.

Government Camp is a 13 mile drive which should take 15 minutes.

The Oregon Coast -depending on where you go on the coast, it is approximately 125 miles away; a 2 hour 30 minute trip. This particular miles/time example is to Cannon Beach, which is located about 5 miles south of Hwy 26 off the 101. 

Portland (Downtown) is 45.4 miles away; a 1 hour drive.

Salem is 79.3 miles; a 1 hour 40 minute drive.

Seattle is 210 miles away; a 3 hours and 45 minute drive.

Bend is 119 miles away; a 2 hours and 20 minute drive.

Crater Lake is 245 miles away; a 4 hour 30 minute drive.

Hood River is 55.6 miles away which is a 1 hour drive.

Sandy is 16.9 miles away and takes 20 minutes to get there.

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