Do you have clothing stores nearby?

We do not.  We do, however, have some clothing here in the gift shop.  There is a consignment shop near the Rendezvous Shopping Plaza, with a small selection of clothes. It is located behind El Burro Loco along E Evergreen Dr next to All Seasons Property Management. Thriftway and the Mountain Sports shop, located in the Hoodland Plaza have some clothing items available.  Going west 16 miles on Hwy 26,  in Sandy there is Fred Meyer which has a full selection of clothing and Bi Mart which has a limited selection.

What’s the best place to buy groceries?

The closest option is Thriftway, in the Hoodland Plaza by the stoplight, but the prices reflect the convenience. Although Sandy is a 20 minute drive, we recommend going to Fred Meyer,  Safeway, or Grocery Outlet for better prices and more selections. 

Is there a cheaper grocery store than Thriftway?

Yes.  Safeway, Grocery Outlet, and Fred Meyers in Sandy have very competitive prices.

Where can I purchase organic food?

Safeway and Fred Meyer in Sandy, both have an organic food section.  The local grocery, Thriftway, has a very limited selection.

Where is the best grocery store for fresh fish?

In Sandy, Fred Meyers and  Safeway have fresh seafood departments.  There is a small selection available at the local market, Thriftway at the Hoodland Plaza.

Where can I go for Oregon micro beers?

To purchase and bring with you, Thriftway, located at the Hoodland Plaza, has an excellent selection of beers and wines. Thriftway also fills growlers with 10 beers or ciders on tap. Safeway and Fred Meyer in Sandy also have a nice selection of local and national beers.  The closest Micro brewery is located in Government Camp and is called Mt Hood Brewing Co.  They offer tours of their facility. It is also a restaurant, where you can sit down enjoy the beer on tap and some great food. Another smaller brewery is located in Sandy called Bunsen Brewer-as the name hints, yes it does have a chemistry theme. Lastly, The Beer Den, located in Sandy, Or offers refills of growlers, with a large selection of local beer and cider. 

Are there any gift shops nearby?

We have a nice gift shop right here at Whispering Woods.  There is also a small shop at the Resort at The Mountain.  Mountain Sports, located at Hoodland Plaza has a selection of uniquely Oregon gifts. We have also created a Gift Shop guide that will help you find the items you’re looking for.

Where can I buy Oregon souvenirs?

Our gift shop has a selection of souvenirs. We now carry Heart Oregon mugs, shot glasses, and pins. We also have hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and other items focused specifically on Oregon. 

 In addition, there are shops in the area that offer souvenirs. This Gift Shop guide will help you find the perfect gifts or souvenirs to help you remember the fun you had in Oregon.

Where can I buy flowers?

Sandy County Florist– This florist is located in Sandy, Or, about 16 miles west of Welches. Address: 39010 Pioneer Blvd, Sandy, OR 97055.  Phone:(503) 668-5633.

Fred Meyer and Safeway in Sandy also flower bouquets and a little florist section in store. 


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