Pool/ Hot tub/Sauna

What time is the pool open until?

Summer/Holiday hours: the pool area is open from 8 am until 9:45 pm.
Regular weekday hours: the pool is open from 8 am until 7:45 pm.
Regular weekend hours (Friday & Saturday): the pool is open from 8 am until 9:45 pm.

Why does the pool close so early?

The pool, hot tub, and sauna all close 15 minutes before the clubhouse closes.  We do not leave the pool area open without staff present.

Is there another way into the pool/spa?

 No, access is through the clubhouse, and open during clubhouse hours.  You sign in for the activity you want to use and we provide your towels at that time.

Can I take my beverage to the hot tub?

Yes, as long as it is not in a glass container.

How warm is the pool?

Our pool is heated year-round to 84 degrees.

How hot is the hot tub?

Our hot tub is heated to 104 degrees.

How often do you clean the hot tub?

Once a month the hot tub is drained and cleaned, but it is checked for correct chemical balance and maintained on a daily basis.

How do you work the sauna?

Turn the dial to warm, turn on the light and, if needed put water in the bucket.  The spout is to the right of the door,  pour a little water on the rocks and enjoy.

Where do the pool towels go?

The pool towels provided to you by the front desk staff, go in the baskets found in the men’s and women’s restrooms or the big blue bin…and we thank you for your cooperation!

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