Mt Hood Trivia

How did Mt. Hood get its name?

Originally, Mt Hood was named Wy’east, given by the local Native Americans. You are still able to find references throughout the area. On October 29th, 1792, Lt. William Broughton, who was a member of Captain George Vancouver’s discovery expedition, renamed the mountain to its current name.  Broughton named the mountain Mt. Hood, in honor of  Samuel Hood who was a British Admiral.

What is the elevation at Whispering Woods?

The elevation at Whispering Woods Resort, located in Welches, Oregon is 1,320 feet above sea level.

How tall is Mt Hood?

The summit of majestic Mt. Hood is about 17 miles west of the Resort and rises 11,239±5 feet — the tallest point in Oregon.  Government Camp is located at 4,000 feet in elevation and 13 miles from Whispering Woods, via car. Upon taking the 6 mile drive up Timberline Hwy, this will put you at 6,000 feet at the lodge, or an elevation gain of 4,700 feet from Whispering Woods Resort.

When and how did Timberline Lodge come about?

Timberline Lodge is a mountain lodge located on the south side of Mount Hood in Oregon, about 60 miles east of Portland and about 20 minutes from Whispering Woods Resort.

Timberline Lodge was constructed between 1936 and 1938 as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project during the Great Depression. Workers used large timbers and local stone, and placed intricately carved decorative elements throughout the building.  Tours are available on weekends at 11 AM, 1PM and 2 PM and are free during the off season and daily during the summer months.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the Lodge on September 28, 1937. In his remarks, he commented on the reasons for the project:

“Here, to Mount Hood, will come thousands and thousands of visitors in the coming years. Looking east toward eastern Oregon with its great livestock raising areas, these visitors are going to visualize the relationship between the cattle ranches and the summer ranges in the forests. Looking westward and northward toward Portland and the Columbia River, with their great lumber and other wood using industries, they will understand the part which National Forest timber will play in the support of this important element of northwestern prosperity. Those who will follow us to Timberline Lodge on their holidays and vacations will represent the enjoyment of new opportunities for play in every season of the year. I mention specially every season of the year because we, as a nation, I think, are coming to realize that the summer is not the only time for play. I look forward to the day when many, many people from this region of the Nation are going to come here for skiing and tobogganing and various other forms of winter sports.”

Visit the Timberling Lodge website for current information and weather conditions.

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