Is there a trail to the river?

Yes, through our parking lot and on the opposite side of the cul-de-sac there is a trailhead.  It’s about a 10 minute walk to the river. The Old Salmon River Trail is about 2-3 miles from the resort, but also follows along the river through the old growth forest. It’s a great option to see some very large and old Douglas Fir trees, swim, or see migrating fish.

Where can we walk to see the Zigzag River?

The Zigzag River is not in walking distance from the resort.  However, there are many places to drive, park, walk and see it.  The first bridge on Lolo Pass crosses the Zigzag River.  As its name suggests, the Zigzag river zigs and zags down the mountain and there are several places to get to it before it merges with the Sandy River.

What’s the best hike for the elderly?

The walk down to the river from our resort is a great walk for the older generation; it’s only about 10 minutes.  

Wildwood Park is also a great place to go because many of the paths are either paved or board walks. One is called Cascade Streamwatch-paved and the other is the Wetlands Trail-boardwalk.  These two trails are also handicap accessible.

Also see the FAQ: Where can we go for an easy hike? This will cover a number of options that are great for easier hikes.

Where can we go for an easy hike?

Mirror lake, though uphill is an easy walk to the lake and offers a great view of Mt. Hood on a clear day. For a little more of a challenge, continue on another 2 miles to the top of Tom, Dick, and Harry. At this point you’ll be looking straight at the mountain.  Trillium Lake, just a few miles past Government Camp, is a beautiful lake with a maintained path that is flat. On clear days you can see Mt Hood in the reflection of both Trillium and Mirror Lakes.  Little Zigzag Falls is another great, but short hike. This trail is located at the end of Rd 39/Kiwanis Camp Rd. It is just under a mile, follows the Little Zigzag stream, and ends at the waterfall. Also, Old Salmon River Trail is another great option. This trail is 2 miles one way. It is relatively flat and follows the Salmon River through the old growth forest. It’s great for any skill level. Lastly, Wildwood Recreation Site has many trails, paved and gravel, which are well maintained and easy to hike. There is a fish viewing window, wetlands board walk, picnic options, and playground.  

What are some of the better hikes?

Depending on skill level, all hikes on Mt. Hood are beautiful. Check the binder for difficulty level and distance.  Zig Zag Ranger Station is a good resource for hiking.  There are literally hundreds of hiking trails in our area.  From the beginner to the advanced, there is something for everyone.

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