Drive Times

How far away is it and how long does it take to get to:

 Portland Airport is 42.2 miles away and it takes 1 hour to get there

Mt. Hood Meadows is 24.1 miles and is a 33 minute drive

Timberline Lodge is 19.3 miles away and is a 32 minute drive

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl is 12.3 miles away and is 17 minute drive

Government Camp is a 13.3 mile drive which should take 18 minutes

The Oregon Coast -depending on where you go on the coast, it is approximately 135 miles away; a 2 hour 48 minute trip. This particular miles/time example is to Nehalem Bay State Park on the northern Oregon coast.

Portland is 45.4 miles away; a 1 hour drive

Salem is 79.3 miles; a 1 hour 50 minute drive

Seattle is 210 miles away; a 3 hours and 42 minute drive

Bend is 119 miles away; a 2 hours and 27 minute drive

Crater Lake is 210 miles away; a 4 hour 17 minute drive

Hood River is 55.6 miles away which is a 1 hour drive
13. Sandy is 16.9 miles away and takes 23 minutes to get there

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