Are there places to ride mountain bikes around the resort?

The Sandy Ridge Trail is a new mountain biking system, located about 7 miles from the resort. There are over 15 miles of trails and is quickly becoming a hot spot on the mountain. At this time there is no parking fee to use.  

We have a map of our local residential area, which is nice for casual bike riding.  Wildwood Recreation Site is a 680 acre park on Hwy 26 and is another great option for casual biking and is about 2 miles from Whispering Woods Resort.  

Is there biking on Barlow Trail?

There is a nice mountain biking area on Barlow Trail Road heading West toward Marmot.  Barlow Trail Road itself does not have an adequate bike path on the side of the road, so if you bike there, be very careful.

Do you have bikes for rent?

We do not rent bikes, but bike rentals are available seasonally at The Resort at The Mountain next door.  Mountain Sports, which is located nearby in the Hoodland  Shopping Center, offers discounts to Whispering Woods guests on a variety of sports equipment.

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